Real / Personal Property Appraisal

Real Property Appraisal

The Assessor’s office is bound by state law to appraise all taxable real property (land and buildings) at a “fair market value” or “reasonable selling price.”  Personal effects and furniture are not taxed.  We are required to update all property appraisals at least once every four years.  Property Appraisals are effective as of January 1 of the year.  Property vaules are turned over to the Board of Supervisors on the first Monday in July each year.  The property tax roll is open for public inspection two weeks prior to the first Monday in August.  All appeals of property appraisals must be filed with the Chancery Clerk’s office during this two week period.  The Board of Supervisors will hear appeals beginning the first Monday in August.

Business Personal Property

Business personal property refers to furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, and inventory located within businesses.  If a business is operational any time between the dates of January 1 and March 1, those items are taxable for that year.  All business owners are required to file a Rendition by April 1 each year.  A penalty of 10% of the assessed value will be assessed on all property owners that do not return a rendition by April 1, as mandated by State law.  The appraisal of personal property is based on replacement cost new less depreciation.  Personal proeprty is assessed at 15% of appraised value.