Circuit Court

The Clay County Circuit Court is in the Sixteenth Circuit Court District.  Circuit Court Terms are in January, April, July and October.  Grand Jury terms are during the April and October Terms.  Also see the Upcoming Events for court terms and Court System for Judges information.

Jury Service

  • Qualifications: Resident of Clay County, at least 21 years old, able to read and write, and not have been convicted of a felony
  • Excuses: Over the age of 65, personal hardship, served on jury duty in this court in last two (2) years
  • Rate of pay: $25 per day and .40 per mile if you live outside the city limits
  • Checks will be mailed out after court
  • Call in number for jury service is (662) 391-1064 after 5:30 pm.

Available PDFs:


Other contact information:

Judge Lee J. Howard
P O Box 1679
Starkville, MS  39760
Phone: (662) 323-6765
Court Administator: Carrie Kimbrough
Court Reporter: Kathryn Boyer

Judge James T. Kitchens, Jr.
P O Box 1387
Columbus, MS  39703
Phone: (662) 329-5919
Court Administrator: Lynn Conner
Court Reporter: Nikki Clark
60371 Smithville Rd.
Smithville, MS 38870

Judge Michelle Easterling
P O Box 1055
West Point, MS  397773
Phone: (662) 391-1067
Court Administrator:  Mary Brauer
Court Reporter: Regina Russell

District Attorney’s Office
Scott Colom
West Point number when in session: (662) 494-3389

MDOC Probation Office 
515-B Highway 45 Alt. N
P.O. Box 265
West Point, MS 39773
Phone: (662) 494-1713

Public Defenders
Kristen Wood Williams
Marlin Stewart