Youth Court

The County Youth Court is an extension of the Chancery Court System. Chancery Courts have jurisdiction over juvenile matters in counties in which have no County Youth Court. However, the Senior Chancellor may appoint a lawyer in private practice to sit as a Youth Court Referee to hear matters involving juveniles. Clay County’s Youth Court Referee is Scott Ross.

Youth Courts deal with matters involving the abuse and neglect of juveniles and offenses committed by juveniles. A juvenile who has not reached the aged of 18 may be subject to the Youth Court System.

Youth Court Contact Information
Judge Scott Ross
West Point, MS  39773
Usual Hearing Day/Time If Chancery or Circuit Court is not in session, Youth Court is held most Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.
Court Address Clay County Courthouse
Upstairs Courtroom
PO Box 815
365 Court Street
West Point, MS  39773
(662) 494-3124 Office
(662) 492-4059 Fax
Clerk For Youth Court Matters Contact:
Vicki Ray, Deputy Chancery Clerk
& Youth Court Clerk
Clay County Chancery Clerk Office
365 Court Street
West Point, MS  39773
(662) 494-3124 Office
(662) 492-4059 Fax
Delinquency, Intake
Personnel and Counselor:
Kimmie M. Walker- Jones
Youth Services Office
PO Box 1896
360 Court Street
West Point, MS  39773
(662) 494-3307 Phone
(662) 494-8203 Fax
Youth Service Clerk:
Abuse and Neglect
Contact/Intake Personnel:
Demeatria Bluitt
Dept. of Human Services
PO Box 777
266 Washington Street
West Point, MS  39773
(662) 494-8987 Phone
(662) 495-2436 Fax